Accounting and Bookkeeping in Cairns Katrin Costa

Help with IT too!

Modern businesses – including most small businesses – computerise much of their accounting with computer software. This is a must for most business and can deliver big savings in time and money

Cairns Precision Bookkeeping can help set up MYOB so it best suits the needs of your business, train you in its use – and we can provide ongoing, general book-keeping support. We also support other accounting packages such as Reckon and Xero.

But there is a draw-back to computerization of record keeping.

Computers – like any other machines – can go wrong!

A Powerful Combination

Fortunately, Cairns Precision Bookkeeping and our partner Dacom Services has the complete answer!DacomServices-Logo

As a husband and wife team, Cairns Precision Bookkeeping AND Dacom Services offer clients a one-stop solution to bookkeeping and computer-related services.

To many of our book-keeping clients, this makes so much sense. It’s easy to understand why..

More froggie adviceImagine you’ve learnt to use MYOB like a pro and your books are all up-to-date.. then the screen goes blank!

Dacom Services can assist with all your IT problems – whether hardware or software – problems that stop you from working!

What about setting up MYOB on a network? Do you have reliable, state-of-the-art backing up procedures and security? Are you using optimal equipment?

Dacom Services can help with all these issues and more.

In combination, Cairns Precision Bookkeeping and Dacom Services can look after your FULL range of IT and record keeping needs – not just part of them!

If you wish, Dacom can even set up secure remote access to your MYOB installation, which Cairns Precision Bookkeeping can use to view your computerised accounts in real time.

This provides for very efficient troubleshooting of any difficulties you’re having with your financial records.

The Cairns Precision Bookkeeping / Dacom Services combination is our special strength – and it’s appreciated by many of our clients.