Accounting and Bookkeeping in Cairns Katrin Costa

Cairns Precision Bookkeeping’s Range of Services

Bookkeeping ServicesOngoing Bookkeeping/Range of Services

  • Regular processing ranging from 2 hours per week to a few days per month, quarter or even year.

Aged Receivables

  • Data entry Debtor invoices
  • Data entry Debtor payments
  • Reconcile Aged Receivables
  • Chasing overdue invoices

Aged Payables

  • Data entry Creditor invoices
  • Pay bills
  • Data entry Creditor payments
  • Reconcile Aged Payables


  • Process payroll
  • Pay staff
  • Liaise with Super Funds and lodging super returns

Bank accounts

  • Process bank fees and interest
  • Process DD & EFT’s


  • Payment/process PAYG/IAS/BAS
  • Payment/process Staff super
  • Payment/process loan/s


  • Bank
  • Credit Cards
  • PAYG
  • Staff super
  • GST control accounts
  • Loan accounts (including inter-company loan accounts)


  • Lodging Monthly IAS & BAS
  • Lodging Quarterly BAS

End of Year

  • Reconciling all BAS’ lodged for the year with the GST Control Accounts
  • Reconciling wages, PAYG & Super before preparing Payment Summaries
  • Providing accountant with data file and end of year reconciliations for Tax Return Preparation


  • Monthly Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Quarterly Financial Reports and analysis
  • Quarterly Fitness Review (including graphs and charts)


  • Liaising with the ATO re BAS’ and IAS
  • Managing Payment Arrangements

Procedures and Manuals

  • Updating Client’s Bookkeeping Manual

Combined Computer,Communications & Bookkeeping Services