About Cairns Precision Bookkeeping

Cairns Precision Bookkeeping’s founder Katrin Costa has invested a decade building up clientele for her multifaceted and well-respected Cairns bookkeeping services.

To date, most of Cairns Precision Bookkeeping’s clients have come by word of mouth recommendation.

Katrin is a great listener and has strong analytical skills. Her service blends experience with innovation!

Let Cairns Precision Bookkeeping find solutions for your financial record keeping problems!

If you accept the offer of a free consultation, we think you’ll soon become another of our happy clients.Cairns Precision Bookkeeping 960

Qualifications and Competences

Methodically organised and up-to-date financial records put business owners in the driving seat!

If you’re on top of your books, you’re able to get on top of your business.

It’s very important that you implement the right systems for your specific needs – and this is one of our specialties.

These skills don’t come out of the ether.

Katrin has built them up over years – along the way acquiring an impressive set of qualifications.

Katrin’s bookkeeping certifications include:

Pure Bookkeeping

Cairns Precision Bookkeeping uses the Pure Bookkeeping System as the basis for all our book keeping work.

Pure Accounting SystemsThis system, developed in Australia by Debbie Roberts, is becoming increasingly popular and widespread.

The Pure Bookkeeping System ensures consistency and uniformity in processing. If you ever need to find  another bookkeeper, other Pure Bookkeeping  licensee’s can take over seamlessly. This system is designed for completeness, clarity and accuracy.

Many accountants complain about the state of client’s  books even if they’ve been prepared by a qualified bookkeeper, but with the Pure Bookkeeping System, consider those days behind you.

Computerised accounts need functioning computers!

Imagine you have a small start-up business..

Friends tell you  you can do your own books easily (“Just ask Uncle Bertie – he once did the books for the local cricket club..”).

But you know better. You employ Cairns Precision Bookkeeping after an impressive free consultation. 

Cairns Precision Bookkeeping takes surprisingly little time to assess your needs, set up a computerised accounting system using MYOB, train you in how to use it .. and you’re off!

You concentrate on your business, and leave all the bookkeeping needs up to the professional – and life is good!

Then one morning you wake up, switch on the computer – and are greeted by the blue screen of death! Something you never want to see on your computer.

Sure you have a backup somewhere – but you need your computer system working again – fast! What a HASSLE!

At this stage you start looking for your copy of the Yellow Pages… then you remember – Cairns Precision Bookkeeping has a partner business called Dacom Services.

Unusually, these two partners offer a COMPLETE solution to financial record keeping and IT needs.

One call to Dacom and the crisis subsides.

Your computer gets fixed and that problem is unlikely to recur after a comprehensive consultation on computer security.

You get to the meeting with your accountant on time after all. Who will be majorly impressed with the excellent state of your books so you can use the time most effectively on strategic issues!

This little saga helps explain the powerful combination offered by KC Fortune and Dacom Services.

We don’t need to pass the buck – because the buck can stop with one of us!

Whether the glitch is in your financial records, bookkeeping set up, computer security, malfunctioning hardware or an inadequate network configuration – between the two of us, we can fix it.

That’s peace of mind for our clients!


Looking to where the money is going? No problem, we’ll find it and help you make it work harder for you.

Are you scared of the ATO? Don’t be, we are here to assist you in complying with the ATO regulations.

Cairns Precision Bookkeeping is  – safe hands for your business


Cairns Precision Bookkeeping abides by a strict code of conduct as required by the ATO and bookkeepers …..

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